Shyamraj Enterprise | Process
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Shyamraj Enterprise  facilitates  end-to-end  processing of e-waste. From the collection of  material from various companies and individuals from different  locations to supplying  ewaste to Hazardous department  for disposal.

Steps for the  door to door  recycling


  • Sourcing and collection :

Procuring e-waste from different sources such as businesses firms and various companies.

The following list of materials CAN be collected through the Door-to-Door program:

  • Fluorescent Lights, Tubes and Compact Fluorescent Lamps 
  • Computer Monitors, Laptops, Computers 
  • Cell Phones 
  • TVs 
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Panel boards
  • Cables ( Copper,allumium,lead)
  • Sorting & Grading

The Ewaste material is weighed, and is separated product-wise Audio-visual components, televisions, VCRs, stereo equipment, mobile phones, other handheld devices, and computer components etc. The material is then checked and  examined by skilled team, whether the equipment’s are in working or non-working condition. If the equipment is in working/ near-working condition, then the team attempt to repair and refurbish the equipment’s to ensure that they become re-marketable and can be resold.

  • Dismantling

If the equipment’s are not in working condition, then they manually dismantled, Dismantling end-of-life equipment into various fractions like plastic, glass, metals, cables, PCBs etc. and segregated them for the convenience of recycling.

  • Shredding 

Then components are passed on for shredding into the 4-shaft shredder. Machine The shredder machine which is capable of accepting feed of around 3,000 kgs per hour, helps to “open up” sealed components, separating metals from plastic. The shredder accepts manually dismantled components through a hopper at one end, passes the feed through the shredding chamber and the shredded items are dropped onto a moving conveyor belt.

  • Disposal

If any Hazardous substances recovered during the process of recycling or testing of e-waste its will get disposed off through the Common Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facility, commonly known as CHWTSDF, authorized by the Pollution Control Board in the prescribed manner.