Shyamraj Enterprise | Reuse
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At Shyramraj group , we provide guidelines to our clients to reuse the ewaste, which can be reduce  more direct diposal of ewaste and which causes more harmful to environment.

when electronics have stretched the end of their useful life for your specific business purpose they may still be of value for others in your organization or outside of it. Before recycling electronics, there are options for reuse, including through refurbishing and donating.

There are 2 options of how to reuse of ewaste of electronics products.

  • Purchasing or selling of refurbished products
  • Donating the revamped electronics products
  • Purchasing or selling of refurbished products


Upgradation in electronics items through software, cleaning and replacement of small parts, electronics might be suitable for another the refurbished electronics products can be sell easily in  the market as a second hand products.

While purchasing refurbished electronics,if user can able to bear out  their  minimum needs from the refurbished electronic products and canbe reusable for little long period of time. User can purchase it and step forward forward for ewaste maintainence.

  • Donating the revamped electronics products

The  social benefits to making your equipment available for reuse, including


  • Transfer to other users within the organization `
  • donate to charities, churches and schools ` contribute equipment to Freecycle.
  • When we donate equipment it does not necessarily have to be operational; many firms and charities refurbish the equipment they receive, themselves, for resale or further use.
  • For more maintenance for ewaste   we  ‘take back’ service for used electronics .