Shyamraj Enterprise | We Recycle
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We Recycle


Shyam raj enterprise  e-waste Recycler offers a professional IT recycling service to businesses of any size across india. There is a vibrant, for-profit secondary market for recent models of




Audiovisual Components



Stereo Equipment

Mobile Phones

Other Handheld Devices


Circuit Board


Computer Components

because these products retains significant value.

Computers, monitors, TV’s and other electronic goods contain hazardous materials which, when placed in a landfill, cause a threat to drinking water and may result in other environmental hazards in the future.

Ways of recycle Ewaste


An entire computer and other electronic components can be recycled. From the glass in the monitor or T.V screen, to the plastic in the case, to the copper in the power supply, to the precious metals used in the circuitry.

The first consideration should be given to reuse. Upgrading an older computer,T.v and other electronic components,If upgrading is not feasible, then the simplest solution to recycle your old Electrronic components. If your computer, monitor or electronic item is in good working order, your local Thrift Shop will likely accept it. Or We offer to a local school  and other institutions for computers and other ewaste products.. Other way if products is in good condition then we offer for resale in the market at best process.